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The independent European public policy platform on virtual currencies & distributed ledgers

EDCAB is the only independent public policy platform dedicated to dialogue with European Union policymakers concerning virtual currencies and distributed ledger technology. EDCAB exists solely to provide information to Members of the European Parliament, the European Commission and supporting EU institutions. Our aim is to help shape a sound legal and regulatory framework and through informed opinion -  one that addresses risks and challenges without stifling innovation and the potential to improve the lives of EU citizens.

"Good regulation requires broad consultation, drawing upon deep and detailed understanding of the market, and an open debate in which ideas are properly tested."

- Jonathan Hill, European Commissioner for financial services, Conference on emerging challenges in retail finance and consumer policy, 18 November 2014.

Virtual currencies are now on the EU agenda. EDCAB seeks to be a 'one stop shop' for engagement with EU policymakers, legislators, regulators, and law enforcement.

Through EDCAB, EU policymakers can meet key representatives from the digital currency and blockchain world to discuss important issues, examine possible solutions, present best practices, educate, build trust and transparency and, ultimately, help shape a positive outcome within Europe and globally.

We already have a number of activities lined up  including a major exhibition on digital currencies and blockchain to be held inside the European Parliament in Brussels in April 2016.

EDCAB is non-profit forum. Our members represent a broad constituency of related technologies and their market participants and users. Our activities are funded entirely by benefactors interested in informed debate.

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European Digital Currency & Blockchain Technology Forum

European Union virtual currency legislation published

The European Commission has adopted proposals for new legislation bringing virtual currency exchanges and wallet providers into the anti-money laundering framework.

MEPs pass virtual currencies and blockchain report

The European Parliament's influential Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs voted overwhelmingly to adopt its virtual currencies and blockchain report this morning (Tuesday 26 April 2016), paving the way for a vote of the full parliament at May's plenary meeting. 

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